FLRA General Counsel Swerdzewski Announces Retirement (3/7/01)

PR 103-01
March 7, 2001

Contact: David Feder


The Federal Labor Relations Authority (FLRA) General Counsel, Joseph Swerdzewski, has announced his resignation as General Counsel, effective April 15, 2001.

Upon announcing his resignation, Mr. Swerdzewski stated, "I have thoroughly enjoyed my years with FLRA. I am proud of the role the agency has played in promoting stable, constructive labor-relations throughout the Federal government. I am especially pleased to have had the opportunity to work with such a dedicated and talented staff."

Mr. Swerdzewski has been the FLRA General Counsel since his nomination by President Clinton and subsequent confirmation by the U.S. Senate in November 1993. He was appointed to a second term in 1998, and is the longest serving FLRA General Counsel and the first to have been appointed to a second term. As General Counsel, Mr. Swerdzewski is responsible for the management of seven regional offices which annually process approximately 6000 unfair labor practice charges, 500 representation petitions and 300 Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Service activities. During his tenure as General Counsel, he has conducted numerous Town Meetings around the country, issued public guidance on a number of significant labor relations issues, and developed an effective ADR Services program for the Office of the General Counsel. Prior to his appointment as General Counsel, Mr. Swerdzewski served in a number of capacities in the FLRA since 1979.

Mr. Swerdzewski will become Vice President of FPMI Communications