Guidance on Meetings -- Table of Contents


PART I.     When is an Employee Entitled to Representation at Meetings and when is an Exclusive Representative Entitled to Represent Employees at Meetings?

A.     Representation Rights in General
B.     Formal Discussions
C.     Investigatory Examinations
D.     Bypasses
E.     Grievances Under the Negotiated Grievance Procedure
F.     Contract Representation Rights.
G.     Establishment of Representation Rights by Practice

PART II.      Formal Discussion

A.     Purpose of the Right
B.     Elements of a Formal Discussion and its Implementation
1.     Statutory Language
2.     Discussion
3.     Formality
4.     Participants in the Discussion
5.     Subject Matter of the Discussion
6.     Notice of the Meeting
7.     Union Participation in the Meeting
8.     Unfair Labor Practice Remedy
     a.     Traditional and Nontraditional Remedies for Formal Discussion Violations
     b.     Evidence