Collaboration and Alternative Dispute Resolution (CADR) Program

The Collaboration and Alternative Dispute Resolution (CADR) program implements one of the FLRA’s primary strategic goals to reduce litigation and its attendant costs by helping the parties resolve their own disputes with collaboration and alternative dispute resolution and labor-management cooperation activities. The program offers collaboration and alternative dispute resolution services in pending unfair labor practice, representation, negotiability, and bargaining impasse disputes at every step -- from investigation and prosecution to the adjudication of cases and resolution of bargaining impasses.  Throughout the years, the CADR Office (CADRO) has conducted on-site and telephone interventions in hundreds of cases pending before the FLRA.  In well over 80 percent of the cases, the interventions result in either the full resolution of the underlying disputes or withdrawal of the pending case. 

CADRO also provides facilitation and interest-based problem solving training to assist management and labor in developing and maintaining collaborative relationships.  Recently, CADRO has placed a greater emphasis on providing external training to our clients on alternative dispute resolution, interest-based problem solving and labor-management cooperation initiatives.  CADRO is now taking a more proactive approach with parties, making training materials available, providing on-site briefings with Federal sector agencies, unions, neutrals and professional organizations, and participation in seminars, conferences and meetings.  In addition, CADRO provides a variety of services -- including training, forum development and meeting facilitation -- to management and labor throughout the Federal Government in support of Executive Order 13522, Creating Labor-Management Forums to Improve Delivery of Government Services.
For more information about the CADR program or for assistance or training requests, contact the CADR Office at or 202-218-7933 (phone).
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