FSA 22 USC 4102 - Definitions


As used in this subchapter, the term - (1) "Authority" means the Federal Labor Relations Authority, described in section 7104(a) of title 5; (2) "Board" means the Foreign Service Labor Relations Board, established by section 4106(a) of this title; (3) "collective bargaining" means the performance of the mutual obligation of the management representative of the Department and of the exclusive representative of employees to meet at reasonable times and to consult and bargain in a good-faith effort to reach agreement with respect to the conditions of employment affecting employees, and to execute, if requested by either party, a written document incorporating any collective bargaining agreement reached, but this obligation does not compel either party to agree to a proposal or to make a concession; (4) "collective bargaining agreement" means an agreement entered into as a result of collective bargaining under the provisions of this subchapter; (5) "conditions of employment" means personnel policies, practices, and matters, whether established by regulation or otherwise, affecting working conditions, but does not include policies, practices, and matters - (A) relating to political activities prohibited abroad or prohibited under subchapter III of chapter 73 of title 5; (B) relating to the designation or classification of any position under section 3981 of this title; (C) to the extent such matters are specifically provided for by Federal statute; or (D) relating to Government-wide or multiagency responsibility of the Secretary affecting the rights, benefits, or obligations of individuals employed in agencies other than those which are authorized to utilize the Foreign Service personnel system; (6) "confidential employee" means an employee who acts in a confidential capacity with respect to an individual who formulates or effectuates management policies in the field of labor-management relations; (7) "dues" means dues, fees, and assessments; (8) "employee" means - (A) a member of the Service who is a citizen of the United States, wherever serving, other than a management official, a confidential employee, a consular agent, a member of the Service who is a United States citizen (other than a family member) employed under section 3951 of this title, or any individual who participates in a strike in violation of section 7311 of title 5; or (B) a former member of the Service as described in subparagraph (A) whose employment has ceased because of an unfair labor practice under section 4115 of this title and who has not obtained any other regular and substantially equivalent employment, as determined under regulations prescribed by the Board; (9) "exclusive representative" means any labor organization which is certified as the exclusive representative of employees under section 4111 of this title; (10) "General Counsel" means the General Counsel of the Authority; (11) "labor organization" means an organization composed