Historical News & Documents: 1996

General Counsel Issued Check-List and Guidance on Unit Certification -- 12/18/96

Successful ULP Pilot Settlement Project Becomes Permanent in Office of Administrative Law Judges -- 12/6/96

New FLRA Regional Attorney Appointed -- 10/17/96

FLRA General Counsel Issues Guidance on Injunctions -- 10/4/96

FLRA Targets Negotiability Cases for Alternative Dispute Resolution -- 9/30/96

FLRA Realigns Jurisdiction of Regional Offices -- 9/30/96

FLRA's Office of the General Counsel Moves to Speed Decisions on ULP Appeals and Appoints New Director to Lead Charge -- 9/4/96

FSIP Revamps Regulations -- 8/19/96

The Authority Invites Customer Input on Representation Issues -- 7/2/96

FSIP Announces New Expedited Arbitration Procedures -- 6/7/96

FSIP Puts Customers First -- 6/4/96

FLRA Invites Customer Input on Proposed Regulation Changes -- 5/31/96

ULP Pilot Project Yields 80% Settlement Rate -- 4/29/96

FLRA to Hold Town Meeting in D.C. -- 3/20/96

New FLRA Regional Director Appointed -- 3/14/96

General Counsel Issues Customer Information Packet on the FLRA's New Representation Regulations and the Representation Process-- 3/8/96

28% Drop in Unfair Labor Practice Charges Filed with the FLRA Office of the General Counsel -- 2/12/96

FLRA Launches New Collaboration and Alternative Dispute Resolution Program and Appoints Program Director -- 1/26/96

Donald Wasserman Sworn in as New Authority Member -- 1/18/96

FLRA Closes Two Sub-Regional Offices -- 1/16/96

FLRA General Counsel Issues Guidance on Investigating, Deciding and Resolving Information Disputes -- 1/5/96