Footnote to Memorandum 5/8/2000 - Guidance on Seeking Remedies for Unfair Labor Practices Under the Federal Service Labor-Management Relations Statute

Footnote *Previous public guidance memoranda have been issued on the following subjects: "The Duty to Bargain Over Programs Establishing Employee Involvement and Statutory Obligations When Selecting Employees for Work Groups" (August 8, 1995), "Guidance on Investigating, Deciding and Resolving Information Disputes" (January 5, 1996), "Proper Descriptions of Bargaining Units and Identification of Parties to the Collective Bargaining Relationships in Certifications" (December 18, 1996), "The Duty of Fair Representation" (January 27, 1997), "The Impact of Collective Bargaining Agreements on the Duty to Bargain and the Exercise of Other Statutory Rights" (March 5, 1997), "Pre-Decisional Involvement: A Team-Based Approach Utilizing Interest-Based Problem Solving Principles" (July 15, 1997), "Guidance in Determining Whether Union Bargaining Proposals are Within the Scope of Bargaining Under the Federal Service Labor-Management Relations Statute" (September 10, 1998), "Guidance on Applying the Requirements of the Federal Service Labor- Management Relations Statute to Processing Equal Employment Opportunity Complaints and Bargaining over Equal Employment Opportunity Matters" (January 26, 1999), and "Guidance on Developing a Labor Relations Strategic Plan" (September 24, 1999). Copies of all of these guidance memoranda can be found at the FLRA's