Settlement Judge Program (ADR)

      The voluntary unfair labor practice settlement program is described in section 2423.25(d) of the Authority's regulations.  Use of the program may be initiated by any of the parties to a pending ULP case in which a complaint has been issued by the General Counsel and a hearing date before a judge has been set.  After consultation with the parties, the settlement judge sets a time and date for the conference -- usually prior to filing of pre-hearing disclosures -- and the parties discuss possible resolutions of the dispute without resort to litigation.  Nothing discussed at the settlement conference is disclosed to the judge designated to preside at the hearing if settlement efforts are unsuccessful.  Generally, no evidence regarding statements, conduct, offers of settlement, and concessions of the parties made in the settlement conference is admissible in any proceedings before the judge presiding at the hearing or the Authority.  Inquiries concerning the settlement judge program should be directed to the Office of Administrative Law Judges (202) 218-7950.