Appendix D:Federal Service Labor Relations Board - "FLRA 20 Years 1979 - 1999"

The Foreign Service Labor Relations Board is composed of three Members who are appointed by the Chair of the Authority, who also serves as Chair of the Foreign Service Labor Relations Board. The General Counsel of the Federal Labor Relations Authority serves as General Counsel of the Foreign Service Labor Relations Board.


Ronald W. Haughton 1981-1983
Barbara J. Mahone 1983-1984
Henry B. Frazier, III1/ 1984-1985
Jerry L. Calhoun 1985-1988
Jean McKee 1989-1994
Phyllis N. Segal 1994-Present


H. Stephen Gordon 1981-1982
S. Jesse Reuben2/ 1982-1983
John C. Miller 1983-1987
Dennis M. Devaney 1987-1988
Kathleen Day Koch 1988-1992
Alan R. Swendiman 1992-1993
Joseph Swerdzewski 1993-Present


Arnold M. Zack 1981-1984
Arnold Ordman 1981-1986
Marcia L. Greenbaum 1986-1992
Tia Schneider Denenberg 1986-Present
Ira L. Jaffe 1992-1995
Richard I. Bloch 1998-Present
1/ Acting Chairman
2/ Acting General Counsel