Appendix E:Foreign Service Impasse Disputes Panel - "FLRA 20 Years 1979 - 1999"

The Foreign Service Impasse Disputes Panel is composed of five part-time Members who are appointed by the Chair of the Foreign Service Labor Relations Board (the FLRA Chair). One Member is appointed by the FLRA Chair to serve as Chair of the Foreign Service Impasse Disputes Panel.




Margery Gootnick, Chair 1982-1997
Thomas Colosi, Chair 1997-Present




Robert G. Howlett 1982-1988
Francis J. McNeil 1982-1988
Rodney W. Johnson 1982-1988
Julius Balog, Jr. 1982-1992
Anthony M. Kern 1988-1991
Diane Blane 1990-1992
N. Victor Goodman 1990-1992
William G. Robinson 1991-1995
Edwin D. Brubeck 1992-1994
Eleanore Raven-Hamilton 1992-1993
Ralph H. Ruedy 1992-1995
Robert S. Deutsch 1993-1996
Betty Bolden 1994-Present
J. Douglas Marchant 1995-1996
Dorothy Young 1996-Present
George Lannon 1996-1998
David W. Geiss 1997-Present
Allen L. Keiswetter 1999-Present