Citation Number Issuance Number Issuance Date Case Numbersort icon
61 FLRA 485 92 February 3, 2006 WP-RP-04-0067, WP-RP-04-0100, WP-RP-04-0101, WP-RP-04-0018

United States, Department of Homeland Security, Bureau of Customs and Border Protection (Petitioner/Activity) and American Federation of Government Employees, AFL-CIO (Petitioner/Labor Organization) and National Association of Agriculture Employees (Petitioner/Labor Organization) and National Treasury Employees Union (Petitioner/Labor Organization) and American Federation of Government Employees, National Border Patrol Council, AFL-CIO (Labor Organization/Interested Party) and National Association of Plant Protection and Quarantine Office Support Employees (Labor Organization/Interested Party)

48 FLRA 1389 145 January 12, 1994 WA-UC-20875

48:1390(145)UC - - DOD, Stateside Dependents Schools & Overseas Education Association and Antilles Consolidated Education Association - - 1994 FLRAdec UC - - v48 p1390

49 FLRA 393 33 March 7, 1994 WA-UC-20875

49:0393(33)UC -