What grounds must you establish for your appeal to be granted granted?

The grounds for granting an appeal are set forth in Section 2423.11(e) of the General Counsel's Rules and Regulations.  An appeal may be granted if it establishes at least one of the following grounds: 1. The Regional Director's decision did not consider material facts that would have resulted in issuance of complaint. 2. The Regional Director's decision is based on a finding of a material fact that is clearly erroneous. 3. The Regional Director's decision is based on an incorrect statement or application of the applicable rule of law. 4. There is no Authority precedent on the legal issue in the case. 5. The manner in which the Region conducted the investigation has resulted in prejudicial error. Your appeal must address the reasons why you believe one or more of the above five grounds have been satisfied. Appeals that do not establish at least one of these grounds are denied.