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10/08/19 President Trump Appoints Two New Members to the Federal Service Impasses Panel
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4/16/19 President Trump Nominates FLRA General Counsel
5/03/19 President Trump Reappoints Members to the Federal Services Impasses Panel
5/22/09 Statutory Training
11/12/13 The FLRA Announces Appointments of Chairman Carol Waller Pope Member Ernest DuBester and Member Patrick Pizzella
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12/10/10 The FLRA Announces Appointments to the Foreign Service Impasses Disputes Panel
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1/25/10 The FLRA Announces Focus Groups As Part of Review and Revision of Its Arbitration Regulations
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12/21/12 The FLRA Announces Key Nominations by President Barack Obama
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3/01/10 The FLRA Announces March Arbitration Focus Groups In Its Chicago and San Francisco Regions
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2/13/14 The FLRA Announces President Obama's Nomination of Julia Akins Clark to Serve Second Term as General Counsel
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3/09/10 The FLRA General Counsel Announces the Elimination of the Backlog of Deferred Complaint and Appeals Cases
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2/04/10 The FLRA Improves Ability to Research Authority Decisions
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2/24/14 The FLRA Invites Customer Input on Representation Issue
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4/29/10 The FLRA Proposes Revisions to Its Arbitration Regulations to Improve and Expedite the Review of Arbitration Awards
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11/30/10 The FLRA to Hold Town Hall Meeting In San Francisco
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6/18/15 Timothy J. Sullivan Named Regional Director of FLRA Denver Regional Office
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12/05/19 Unfair Labor Practice Case Processing in the Absence of a General Counsel
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11/28/17 William Tosick Appointed Executive Director of the FLRA
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