Workshop Topics

Overview of the Federal Service Labor-Management Relations Statute

FLRA staff will discuss the key procedures and jurisdiction of each of the three components of the FLRA (the Authority, Office of the General Counsel and the Federal Service Impasses Panel).

Overview of Representation Procedures and Case Law

FLRA staff will discuss various types of representation cases, including those related to the establishment of new units, successorship, accretion and consolidated units.

Overview of Hearing Procedures Before FLRA Administrative Law Judges

An ALJ will discuss pre-hearing and hearing procedures, including disclosure requirements, common litigation issues and the settlement program.

Overview of the Federal Service Impasses Panel

FSIP staff will discuss the Panel's impasse resolution role within the Federal sector labor relations program, including how jurisdictional determinations are made and the procedures that are used if jurisdiction over an impasse is asserted.

Effective Presentation of Cases Before the Federal Service Impasses Panel

FSIP staff will provide guidance on how to be effective when presenting a case to the Panel by using examples of typical Federal sector disputes.

What to Expect During a ULP Investigation

This session explores the investigative process, describes the different ways in which evidence is obtained from the parties and explains the OGC quality standards, while emphasizing the role of the investigating agent and the responsibilities of the parties.

Arbitration Exception Procedures and Case Law

FLRA staff will discuss procedures for filing arbitration exceptions, as well as the standard of review the Authority will apply to various types of exceptions.

Arbitration in the Federal Sector

FLRA staff will highlight for arbitrators and practitioners the unique aspects of federal sector grievance arbitration, including the relationship between collective bargaining agreements and federal laws and regulations.

Negotiability Appeals Procedures and Case Law

FLRA staff will introduce parties to key legal concepts commonly encountered in negotiability appeals. FLRA staff will also discuss appeal procedures, including the four major filings and post-petition conference.

Negotiability Regulations Focus Group Meeting

In this session, parties to negotiability appeals will be invited to discuss and comment on the April 1999 revisions to the Authority negotiability regulations and procedures.

Case Study (Two Concurrent Sessions)

This limited enrollment, interactive program is designed for labor and management representatives who want to enhance their understanding of the Statute and sharpen their strategic case handling skills. Through a combination of small group activity and large group discussion, a complex hypothetical case will be addressed and "processed" through ULP, grievance, impasse, negotiability and ADR procedures.

Bargaining on Family-Friendly Issues

This session discusses the practical and legal foundations