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Where to Call for Information


Do you have a question about the status of your case or about any of the FLRA's processes for resolving workplace disputes? Contact the phone numbers listed below for assistance. For general FLRA information, contact us at our headquarters location:

Federal Labor Relations Authority
1400 K Street, NW
Washington, DC 20424

Case-Specific Questions:



Charges and Complaints
     Contact: The FLRA Regional Office covering your geographic area

Appeals to the General Counsel of Dismissals of Unfair Labor Practices
     Contact: The Office of the General Counsel at (202) 218-7910.

Trials by Administrative Law Judges
      Contact: Office of Administrative Law Judges at (202) 218-7950.

Appeals to the Authority from Administrative Law Judge Decisions
     Contact: Office of Case Intake and Publication at (202) 218-7740.


General Questions About Representation Issues
     Contact: The FLRA Regional Office covering your geographic area.

Appeals to the Authority of Representation Decisions and Orders