File 2: Opinion of Member Wasserman

[ v55 p934 ]

Opinion of Member Wasserman, dissenting in part:

      I disagree with the majority's determination that Proposal 6 is outside the duty to bargain because it concerns a military aspect of technician employment. Instead, I would find that this proposal concerns only the type of leave that technicians are permitted to take from their civilian positions under 5 U.S.C. § 6323(d). I, therefore, respectfully dissent as to Proposal 6.

      As set forth in the majority's opinion, Proposal 6 specifically provides, inter alia, that:

If the [A]gency decides to afford bargaining unit technicians an opportunity to request leave under 5 U.S.C. § 6323(d), the [A]gency shall inform them of that opportunity solely by general written announcement, such as a bulletin board posting . . . .

Petition for Review at 2-3.

      Based on the Union's explanation of the proposal, as well as the proposal's plain wording, it is clear that it would not become applicable to bargaining unit technicians until after the decision to utilize them in an overseas deployment had already been made. At that point, the proposal would become operative and require the Agency to inform employees that they may volunteer for "military leave" under section 6323(d) by use of a general written announcement. On its face, the proposal does not preclude the Agency from selecting any technician it desires for deployment to act