File 2: Opinion of Member Pope

[ v61 p172 ]

Dissenting Opinion of Member Carol Waller Pope:

      In my view, the majority misconstrues the award, resulting in an erroneous conclusion that the award is deficient. Accordingly, I dissent.

      The Agency's contrary to law argument is based on its claim that the national filing-season agreement, as interpreted by the Arbitrator to require implementation of the local MOUs providing for time-off awards, would require awards for performance that is less than "minimally successful[.]" Exceptions to 11. The Agency asserts, in this regard, that such performance does not contribute to the "efficiency, economy, or other improvement of the government." Id.

      The Arbitrator found that time-off awards are not tied to a specific level of performance. See Award at 13-14. However, he did not find that time-off awards are permitted when performance is less than minimally or fully successful. In this regard, the Agency argued before the Arbitrator that an employee's performance must be "superior" in order for that employee to be eligible for a time-off award. Id. at 10. Further, the Union concedes, and conceded through witness testimony before the Arbitrator, that the local MOUs do not permit time-off awards for performance that is less than fully successful. See Opp'n at 15 & 18 (citing 1st Tr. at 140 & 2nd Tr. at 142). In these circumstances, I construe the Arbitrator's findings that volunteering is suffic