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FLRA Launches Electronic Filing for Cases Filed with the Authority

The Federal Labor Relations Authority (FLRA) is pleased to announce that today it launched the next phase of its initiative to make electronic filing or "eFiling" available to parties in cases before the FLRA.  In this second of three stages of the FLRA's eFiling initiative, parties may now electronically file documents in arbitration, negotiability, unfair labor practice, and representation cases with the Authority -- the FLRA’s three-Member adjudicatory body -- online using the FLRA Case eFiling system, which is accessible at www.FLRA.gov/eFiling.  Parties have been successfully filing electronic requests for Federal Service Impasses Panel (FSIP) assistance in the resolution of negotiation impasses since March 2012.  The FLRA intends to expand its eFiling offerings in the coming months to allow parties to electronically file cases with the Office of the General Counsel.



"The FLRA's eFiling system was developed to provide easier, more user-friendly, and complete access to the FLRA and its services," said FLRA Chairman Carol Waller Pope.  "This important e-Government initiative is enhancing our mission efficiency, and is another example of our ongoing efforts to better serve our customers and to provide current, useful online tools for Federal employees, the unions that represent them, and Federal agencies in resolving issues under the Federal Service Labor-Management Relations Statute."  



Making eFiling available to its parties is additional way in which the FLRA is using technology to improve the customer-service experience.  EFiling is also expected to increase efficiencies by reducing procedural-filing errors and resulting processing delays, and is yet another step in the FLRA's revitalization, reinvention, and re-engagement efforts. 

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