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We offer a variety of training opportunities for federal agencies and unions on collective-bargaining rights and responsibilities.  Learn more about our upcoming courses, schedule in-person or virtual training for your agency or union, take an online training course, or review feedback from our customers. 

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Video Training

Watch video trainings on our YouTube channel or Video Training Page, such as trainings on Investigatory Examinations or discrimination, information requests, and meetings.  Subscribe to our YouTube channel to receive updates whenever new content is released.


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The FLRA offers a variety of training opportunities, in person throughout the country and virtually.  Select one of the topics below to learn more or to contact us. 

Unfair Labor Practice and Representation Training

The OGC and the Regional Offices offer unions and agencies, upon request, courses covering a broad overview of federal sector labor law, including unfair labor practices and representation and representation matters.  To arrange for such training, contact your nearest Regional Office or for more general training requests, contact FLRA Training.

Our Basic Statutory Training course offers a broad overview of federal-sector labor law.  Common topics are: 

  • The FLRA's structure and the ULP investigation process;
  • The duty to bargain in good faith, including the de minimis and "covered by" doctrines, and substantive versus impact and implementation bargaining;
  • Meetings, including formal discussions, bypasses, and investigatory examinations (or Weingarten meetings);
  • Interference with statutory rights and discrimination based on protected activity; 
  • Bars to filing ULP charges, such as timeliness and prior grievances; and
  • Information requests.

Our Advanced Statutory Training course is best suited for individuals who already have knowledge of the basic principles and some experience in the field.  Participants will gain a more in-depth knowledge of collective bargaining and related topics, and apply that knowledge to hypotheticals and interactive exercises that are often based on real-life cases.

Our Representation Training course covers issues such as bargaining-unit determinations and reorganizations. 

We also offer customized training tailored to those particular areas of interest to agencies and federal unions.  These programs may be much shorter than our usual day-long courses, and we can do them by phone or videoconference.  Our policy is to try to meet as many requests for training as possible within the resources available.     

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Arbitration and Negotiability Training

For our arbitration and negotiability training, contact FLRA Training.

  • Our Arbitration Training course covers procedural and substantive matters relating to the filing of exceptions to arbitration awards and the legal standards that apply in the review of arbitration awards.
  • Our Negotiability Training course covers procedural and substantive matters involving the processing of negotiability appeals, as well as the legal standards that apply in determining the legality of contract language (either a proposal or a provision disapproved on agency head review) and whether the parties have a bargaining obligation.  

For examples of our course materials, click here.

Impasse Training

The Federal Service Impasses Panel (FSIP) offers comprehensive training addressing the procedural and substantive matters involving the resolution of bargaining impasses between federal agencies and unions representing federal employees arising from negotiations over conditions of employment under the Federal Service Labor-Management Relations Statute and the Federal Employees Flexible and Compressed Work Schedules Act.  

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Course Feedback

If you want to know what students have thought of our courses, you can read some of their feedback here.