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At this time FLRA remains fully operational. Effective Friday July 31, 2020, the agency now extends the prohibition on in-person filings indefinitely.  

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9/12/22 The FLRA Releases Training Video on Labor Management Forums
PDF (76 KB)
8/04/22 The FLRA and its Recognized Union of Authority Employees Reestablish Internal Labor-Management Forum
PDF (38 KB)
7/25/22 FLRA Invites Customer Input on Representation Issue
PDF (36 KB)
5/19/22 FLRA Swears in Member Susan Tsui Grundmann
PDF (35 KB)
4/19/22 FLRA Office of the General Counsel Offers Statutory Training Series
PDF (55 KB)
12/13/21 The FLRA Announces New Appointments to the Foreign Service Impasse Disputes Panel
PDF (218 KB)
11/15/21 The FLRA Releases Employee Elections Video Training Series
PDF (71 KB)
9/27/21 The FLRA and OPM announce a Joint Virtual Presentation on Executive Order 14003, Protecting the Federal Workforce, and Bargaining over Matters under 7106(b)(1) of the Federal Service Labor-Management Relations Statute
PDF (45 KB)
9/15/21 Federal Service Impasses Panel Chair and Members sworn in by FLRA Chairman DuBester
PDF (42 KB)
8/23/21 President Biden Announces Intent to Appoint Federal Service Impasses Panel Chair and Members
PDF (223 KB)
8/05/21 President Biden Announces Intent to Nominate Susan Tsui Grundmann to be Member of the FLRA
PDF (199 KB)
8/05/21 President Biden Announces Intent to Nominate Kurt Rumsfeld for FLRA General Counsel
PDF (197 KB)
6/29/21 President Biden Renominates Ernest DuBester to a Fourth FLRA Term
PDF (198 KB)
4/30/21 FLRA Acting General Counsel Announces Web-Based Training
PDF (235 KB)
3/24/21 President Biden Names Charlotte A. Dye as FLRA Acting General Counsel
PDF (229 KB)
2/17/21 FLRA Chairman DuBester Restores Collaboration and Alternative Dispute Resolution Office
PDF (154 KB)
1/21/21 President Biden Designates Ernest DuBester as FLRA Chairman
PDF (36 KB)
8/19/20 The FLRA Releases eFiling Training Video
PDF (54 KB)
7/31/20 The FLRA's Updated Operating Status
PDF (62 KB)
7/09/20 The FLRA Adopts an Addition to Its Regulations Concerning Revoking Written Assignments for the Payment of Union Dues
PDF (37 KB)
6/29/20 The FLRA Releases Updated Organizational Chart
PDF (37 KB)
6/23/20 The FLRA's Updated Operating Status
PDF (61 KB)
6/05/20 FLRA REP Hearings to be Conducted by Videoconference
PDF (36 KB)
5/14/20 The FLRA Publishes Digests of Authority Decisions, Completing Two-Year Strategic Initiative
PDF (61 KB)
5/11/20 The FLRA's Updated Operating Status
PDF (91 KB)