Please note that Friday, January 20, 2017, is a federal holiday for the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.  The following FLRA offices will not be open to accept in-person case filings or to respond to phone calls on that day:  the Authority’s Case Intake and Publication Office, the Office of Administrative Law Judges, the Washington Regional Office, and the Federal Service Impasses Panel.  The FLRA’s eFiling System remains available.         

Training Contacts

The OGC and the Regional Offices offer unions and agencies, upon request, courses covering a broad overview of federal sector labor law, including unfair labor practices and representation and representation matters.  To arrange for such training, contact your nearest Regional Office, or Kurt Rumsfeld by email or phone (202) 218-7789 .

For more information about the CADR program or for assistance or training requests, contact the CADR Office by email or phone (202) 218-7933. 

The OGC and Regional Offices also offer a two-day program on labor-management forums in cooperation with the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service.  For more information contact your nearest Regional Office, or  Kurt Rumsfeld by email or phone (202) 218-7789 .

For our arbitration and negotiability training, contact Gina Grippando by email or phone (202) 218-7776.

For more information about the training programs offered by the FSIP, contact Kimberly Moseley by email or phone (202) 218-7790.