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Customer Feedback

Basic Statutory Training (OGC)

“Training served to clarify my understanding of the Statute and confirm interpretations of case law/rule.”

“The training was very informative and the presenters were very responsive to the questions.”

“I am new to the Labor Office and the work I perform is [now] clearer through training.”

“Exposed a misunderstanding regarding Weingarten and formal discussions.”

“I am new to Labor Relations . . . This helped me tremendously.  I had no idea of FLRA or Labor Relations.  I truly understand now.”

“Helped demystify the Statute.  Presenters gave practical constructive advice.”

“Gave the breakdowns and differences of elements and explained how to reference the Statute.”

“Great basic training for a beginning LR Specialist . . . .  Great blended learning with helpful hypotheticals.”

“Instructors broke down specific sections and cases that helped my interpretation of the Statute.”

“The training clearly defined terms needed to practice labor relations.”

FLRA OGC Labor-Relations Seminar: The Three R’s – “Rights, Responsibilities, and Relationship Building”

“Good overview of functions of FLRA,FSIP, FMCS.”

“I found the training outstanding as a Senior Labor and Employee Relations Specialist.  I took away many things.  It encouraged a change of thinking/focus.”

“Very helpful to know 'from the horse's mouth' how the process works.”

Arbitration Training (Authority)

“FLRA provides very good training – substantive and precise.  Really appreciated how so many staff members contributed to the day.”

“Very informative and helpful.  Good to get instruction directly from the Authority.”

“Great overview from very knowledgeable staff – good instructors.”

“As a new employee in Labor Relations, this training provided background information/resources I need to do my job.”  

“I gained insight into the process and was able to relate it to current cases.”

Negotiability Training (Authority)

“The training covers the issue from several angles and explains the nuances.”

“Instructors were great!  Very knowledgeable!”

“Lots of details were covered and new concepts explained.”

“It really helps me better understand negotiability and how to make an argument of negotiability and support the argument.”

“The materials provided excellent overview and were well supported by plenty of citations to statutes and decisions.”

“Very thorough and comprehensive.  Great case cites and descriptions.  Fact patterns very helpful!”

“Well-structured and hit the hard points.”