The Federal Labor Relations Authority (FLRA) is currently closed due to a lapse in appropriations. FLRA offices, including the Authority’s Office of Case Intake and Publication, the Office of Administrative Law Judges, the Federal Service Impasses Panel, and all Office of the General Counsel Regional Offices, are not accepting filings, and no FLRA personnel are available for that purpose, except as provided below in Section 1.  Read the full announcement here.

U.S. Federal Labor Relations Authority

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Information by Case Type

We've created guides to help you understand specific issues, as well as forms and checklists to help you navigate our process.  You can access resources related to a particular topic by selecting the links below.

Unfair Labor Practice Resources - includes the case law outline; guidances on specific topics, such as meetings and info requests; forms related to filing and responding to ULP charges; and more.

Representation Resources - includes the case law outline, the casehandling manual, a link to FAQs, plus forms related to filing and responding to petitions.

Arbitration Resources - includes the arbitration guide, a checklist for filing arbitration exceptions, and forms related to filing and responding to arbitration appeals.

Negotiability Resources - includes the negotiability guide and forms related to filing and responding to negotiability appeals.

Impasse Resources - includes the dispute-resolution procedures guide and the form to file a request for impasse assistance.