U.S. Federal Labor Relations Authority

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Office of the General Counsel (OGC)

What we do

The OGC promotes effective labor-management relations in the federal sector by:

About us

The OGC has Regional Offices – in Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, San Francisco, and Washington, DC.  The OGC headquarters office is in Washington, DC.  Regional Offices are your first contact for general information about filing or responding to a ULP charge or representation petition, arranging training, or arranging ADR.  Headquarters staff provide administrative oversight, and develop policies, guidance, procedures, and manuals that provide programmatic direction for the Regions.

Learn more about the rights that we protect

Our ULP and representation resource pages will provide you with easy to understand guidance about the Statute that we enforce and the rights that we protect.  You can also learn about the procedures that we follow in both ULP and representation cases.  For ULP Resources, click here; for Representation Resources, click here

Find links to some of our leading resources below:

  • ULP Case Law Outline.  Comprehensive, up-to-date overview of ULP issues designed to help employees, labor organizations, and agency managers understand their respective rights and responsibilities in collective bargaining.  A great place to start if you're assessing whether certain conduct might be a ULP.
  • Representation Case Law Outline.  Comprehensive overview of the law governing elections and other representation matters.
  • Representation Case Handling Manual.  Information about our representation procedures.

OGC News, Remarks, and Statements

This page contains a chronological listing of all OGC-related news events, e.g., Press Releases, Slide Presentations, and GC Presentations.