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FLRA Provides Notice of Publication of Its Decisions In Bound Volume No. 65

The Federal Labor Relations Authority (FLRA) is pleased to announce that it has prepared for publication by the Government Printing Office (GPO) its 65th bound volume of decisions. Publishing decisions in bound volumes is yet another way in which the FLRA makes Authority case law available to its customers. Authority decisions and decisions of the Federal Service Impasses Panel are also available -- and searchable -- soon after issuance on the FLRA’s website decisions page:  www.flra.gov/decisions.  The FLRA is currently developing a similar page for decisions issued by its Office of Administrative Law Judges. As the FLRA’s website provides current, up-to-date access to decisions and the FLRA continues to publish decisions in bound volumes, it will no longer issue Reports of Case Decisions.  The FLRA's full announcement, which includes ordering information, can be found here.