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Ethics Principles Poem

The ethics rules are based on the 14 principles of ethical conduct set out in Executive Order 12674, issued on April 12, 1989.  Now and then, it is a good idea to go back to basics and reread those principles.  We present them here in doggerel: 


               Public service - public trust (1)

               Honest effort is a must. (5)

               Finances should not interfere

               With any work that you do here. (2)


               Non-public info you obtain

               Should not be used for private gain.(3)

               And if a present should appear

               From someone doing business here


               You must decline to take that perk

               If it will interfere with work. (4)

               You may not bind the Government

               If you don’t have the right consent. (6)


               Don’t use your job for private gain (7)

               With private parties please remain

               Impartial (8) and report with haste

               Corruption, fraud, abuse, or waste.(11)


               Do not use Federal property

               For something not in your PD. (9)

               And outside work can’t interfere

               With major duties you have here. (10)


               Employees must act in good faith

               To pay their taxes, DAEO sayeth (12)

               And never may a Fed forgo

               The principles of EEO. (13)


               And we know we cannot appear

               To violate a law, that’s clear. (14)

               That’s all 14 – obey them all!

               If you are lost, give me a call.