Our Boston office is undergoing some construction and currently the phone system is down. Please call the FLRA main line (202) 218-7770 and the extension of the agent. Also, the Boston Fax line is down, please send Fax for Boston to FLRA Headquarters at (202) 482-6608 and it will be forwarded to the Boston office.

Can I file documents by fax?

Certain types of documents can be filed with the Authority by fax. Motions; information pertaining to prehearing disclosure, conferences, orders, or hearing dates, times, and locations; information pertaining to subpoenas; and other similar matters may be filed by fax provided that the entire filing does not exceed 10 pages in total length with normal margins and font sizes.

If you wish to file a document by fax but are not sure whether the document meets the above definition, then contact the Office of Case Intake and Publication for assistance.