United States, Department of the Army, Mcalester Army Ammunition Plant, Red River Munitions Center, Texarkana, Texas (Activity) and National Association of Independent Labor, Virginia Beach, Virginia (Petitioner/Labor Organization) and National Federation of Federal Employees, Iamaw, AFL-CIO (Incumbent/Labor Organization)

[ v61 p323 ]

61 FLRA No. 59



(Petitioner/Labor Organization)


(Incumbent/Labor Organization)




September 30, 2005


Before the Authority: Dale Cabaniss, Chairman, and
Carol Waller Pope and Tony Armendariz, Members [n1] 

1.      Statement of the Case

      This case is before the Authority on an application for review filed by the National Association of Independent Labor (NAIL) under § 2422.31 of the Authority's Regulations. Neither the Activity nor the Incumbent, National Federation of Federal Employees (NFFE), filed an opposition to NAIL's application for review.

      After a representation election in which a majority of the valid votes were cast for NFFE, NAIL filed six objections to the conduct of the election with the Regional Director (RD). In his Decision and Order on objections to the election, the RD denied the objections and certified the results of the election. NAIL seeks review of the RD's determination as to only one -- the third -- objection. For the reasons set forth below, we deny NAIL's application.

II.     Background and RD's Decision

      NFFE received a majority of the valid votes in an election conducted on March 2, 2005, among the nonprofessional employees of the Activity. [n2]  Following the election, NAIL filed objections with the RD regarding conduct which, it alleged, improperly affected the results of the election. As relevant here, NAIL's third objection alleged that campaign literature distributed by NFFE six days prior to the election contained two statements that were "blatantly false[.]" RD's Decision at 5. The NFFE statements were as follows:

If you vote for NAIL all current contract provisions go away, including the work schedule (4-10s), and the agency will unilaterally decide these issues!
Choosing NAIL in the upcoming election will guarantee the loss of all negotiated privileges at the Munitions Division, and NAIL can do nothing to protect you from that. In addition, with this division going under Homeland Security, these privileges will be lost forever!


      The RD stated that, to be valid grounds for objection, campaign statements must represent a substantial departure from the truth and must reasonably be expected to significantly affect an election. See id. at 6, citing United States Army Health Care Sys. Support Activity and the United States Army Patient Admin. & Biostatistical Activity, 16 FLRA 1178, 1180 (1984). The RD found that the NFFE literature, which suggested that voting for NAIL would result in a loss of existing benefits and that the Activity would act unilaterally to change employee conditions of employment, is inconsistent with Authority precedent and could, under certain circumstances, have the potential to impact voting for the non-incumbent union. However, the RD also stated that under Authority precedent erroneous statements in union campaign literature will not result in setting aside an election where there is sufficient time before the election for the other union to adequately respond to the statements. Id. at 6, citing Dep't of the Navy, Naval Air Rework Facility, Norfolk, Va., 12 FLRA 15, 15-16 (1983) (Dep't of the Navy). Applying this precedent, the RD found that the NFFE literature was distributed on February 24, 2005, six days before the election and that NAIL had "adequate opportunity to respond" to the literature. RD's Decision at 6-7. [ v61 p324 ] As such, the RD found that NFFE's distribution of the literature did not constitute conduct that significantly interfered with the free choice of the voters to warrant setting aside the election.

III.      Application for Review

      NAIL contends that the RD failed to apply established law by denying the objection despite finding the NFFE literature to be inconsistent with Authority precedent and to have the potential to affect employees' decisions in the election. NAIL claims that although the Authority has held that three days is sufficient time to make an effective reply to campaign propaganda, the RD failed to consider that the NFFE literature "was far more than campaign propaganda to which [NAIL] could make an effective reply." Application for Review at 2. According to NAIL, the NFFE literature created "confusion and fear in the minds of the voters" and "NO amount of time to reply and NO reply could undue [sic] the poisoned minds of the voters" regarding the literature. Id. at 2-3 (emphasis in original). In this regard, NAIL acknowledged that it did respond to the NFFE literature before the election. See Application for Review, Enclosure 2 at 1 (undated flyer).

      In addition, NAIL contends that, if the RD properly applied Authority case law or policy, then the law or policy warrants reconsideration. In this regard, NAIL contends that an election should be set aside where the prevailing party distributed literature to eligible voters that is inconsistent with Authority precedent. NAIL argues that it could not have made an effective reply to NFFE's blatantly false information and that only a notice posted by the Authority refuting the statements in dispute could have effectively "correct[ed] in the minds of the voters false representations of Authority precedents." Id. at 3.

IV.     Analysis and Conclusions

1.     The RD did not fail to