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7/31/14 FLRA Regional Director Appointed
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8/24/11 FLRA Regional Director Appointed (August 24, 2011)
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1/18/12 FLRA Regional Director Appointed (January 18, 2012)
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5/09/11 FLRA Regional Director Peter Sutton Honored at ABA Luncheon
6/05/20 FLRA REP Hearings to be Conducted by Videoconference
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11/10/09 FLRA Revised Regulations In Effect
4/22/13 FLRA Seeks Input on Draft Negotiability-Training Materials
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6/06/11 FLRA Significantly Enhances Ability to Research Authority Decisions
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12/11/17 FLRA Swears in Chairman Colleen Duffy Kiko, Member Ernest DuBester, and Member James T. Abbott
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5/19/22 FLRA Swears in Member Susan Tsui Grundmann
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9/06/11 FLRA To Hold Town Hall Meetings In Philadelphia and New York City
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4/12/12 FLRA to Hold Virtual Town Hall Meeting in Washington, D.C. (April 12, 2012)
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8/04/14 FLRA to Host Labor-Management Community Focus Group to Collect Customer Feedback on the Agency's Future Strategic Direction
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2/16/24 FLRA's FSIP issues a proposed rule to update its regulations to establish revised methods by which the public may obtain and submit documents during FSIP Proceedings
3/12/24 FLRA/FMCS Public Town Hall – March 27, 2024
10/12/23 FLRA’s Revised Negotiability Regulations Take Effect and the FLRA Releases a Training Video about the Regulatory Revisions
6/20/17 Foreign Service Labor Relations Board Issues First Ever General Statement of Policy or Guidance on Union-Dues-Withholding Issue
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4/16/13 FSIP Announces Additional Web-Based Interactive Training on Federal Employees Flexible and Compressed Work Schedules Act
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8/02/12 FSIP Announces Web-Based Interactive Training on Federal Sector Impasse Resolution
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3/22/10 General Counsel Announces Revisions to Unfair Labor Practice Regulations to Implement Pre-Complaint Alternative Dispute Resolution
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2/01/10 General Counsel Proposes Revisions to Unfair Labor Practice Regulations to Implement Pre-Complaint Alternative Dispute Resolution
2/02/11 General Counsel to Hold Dallas Town Hall Meeting
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10/15/10 General Counsel to Hold Washington, D.C. Town Hall Meeting
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3/27/23 Greg Weddle named Regional Director of FLRA Chicago Regional Office
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12/06/12 Happy 30th Anniversary to the FLRA!