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3/23/15 FLRA Launches Electronic Filing for Cases Filed with the Office of Administrative Law Judges
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6/04/12 FLRA Launches Electronic Filing for Cases Filed with the Authority
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11/08/17 FLRA Issues Updated System of Records Notices
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10/03/16 FLRA Issues Updated Guide to Arbitration
PDF (107 KB)
7/21/10 FLRA Issues Revised Arbitration Regulations to Improve and Expedite the Review of Arbitration Awards
PDF (83 KB)
8/24/18 FLRA Issues New Strategic Plan
PDF (37 KB)
6/17/13 FLRA Issues Guide to Negotiability
PDF (104 KB)
10/12/10 FLRA Issues Guide to Arbitration
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8/15/14 FLRA Invites Customer Input on an Unfair-Labor-Practice (ULP) Issue
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9/09/10 FLRA General Counsel to Hold Town Hall Meeting in Chicago
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9/20/10 FLRA General Counsel Posts Case Law Outline On Web Site
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9/01/15 FLRA General Counsel Issues Guidance on Meetings
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10/31/11 FLRA General Counsel Issues Guidance On Information Requests
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5/03/12 FLRA General Counsel Announces Web-Based Interactive Training On Rights and Obligations Under the Federal Service Labor-Management Relations Statute (May 3, 2012)
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5/31/11 FLRA General Counsel Announces Electronic Notice Posting Guidance (May 31, 2011)
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1/28/13 FLRA Executive Director Appointed
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7/09/14 FLRA Appoints Fred B. Jacob as Solicitor
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9/29/11 FLRA Announces Web-Based Interactive Training On Bargaining Over 5 U.S.C. § 7106(b)(1) Matters
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9/25/12 FLRA Announces Web-Based Interactive Arbitration Training
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6/19/15 FLRA Announces Training Opportunities
PDF (176 KB)
10/06/10 FLRA Announces Second Round of Comprehensive Arbitration Training
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1/28/16 FLRA Announces Regional Labor-Relations Workshops Engaging Federal Workers to Design the Future Workplace
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7/09/13 FLRA Announces Negotiability Training
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6/10/14 FLRA Announces Negotiability and Arbitration Training
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2/13/12 FLRA Announces March Training Programs in Washington, DC
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