U.S. Federal Labor Relations Authority

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The Act: § 6121. Definitions

For purposes of this subchapter -

  (1)     "agency" means any Executive agency, any military department, the Government Printing Office, and the Library of Congress;

  (2)     "employee" has the meaning given the term in subsection (a) of section 2105 of this title, except that such term also includes an employee described in subsection (c) of that section;

  (3)     "basic work requirement" means the number of hours, excluding overtime hours, which an employee is required to work or is required to account for by leave or otherwise;

  (4)     "credit hours" means any hours, within a flexible schedule established under section 6122 of this title, which are in excess of an employee's basic work requirement and which the employee elects to work so as to vary the length of a workweek or a workday;

  (5)     "compressed schedule" means -

              (A)     in the case of a full-time employee, an 80-hour biweekly basic work requirement which is scheduled for less than 10 workdays, and

              (B)     in the case of a part-time employee, a biweekly basic work requirement of less than 80 hours which is scheduled for less than 10 workdays;

  (6)     "overtime hours", when used with respect to flexible schedule programs under sections 6122 through 6126 of this title, means all hours in excess of 8 hours in a day or 40 hours in a week which are officially ordered in advance, but does not include credit hours;

  (7)     "overtime hours", when used with respect to compressed schedule programs under sections 6127 and 6128 of this title, means any hours in excess of those specified hours which constitute the compressed schedule; and (8) "collective bargaining", "collective bargaining agreement", and "exclusive representative" have the same meanings given such terms -

             (A)     by section 7103(a)(12), (8), and (16) of this title, respectively, in the case of any unit covered by chapter 71 of this title; and

             (B)     in the case of any other unit, by the corresponding provisions applicable under the personnel system covering this unit.